Meet Kristin

KRISTIN BOESE, Founder of KB4girls, Guinness World Record holder and 9-Time Female World Kiteboarding Champion.

Kristin was born in East Germany and grew up behind the confines of the Iron Curtain. She was a natural athlete and excelled at organized sports throughout her life. When the wall broke down, Kristin too broke free into the world of water sports. In 1998 she became a windsurf instructor during summer holidays, while studying at the university in Berlin. In 2002, Kristin learned to kiteboard, and since then her kiting career has exploded. She has brought kiteboarding to the masses with media presence and has published instructional books and several DVD’s. She gives back through her KB4girls worldwide clinics, promoting the sport among women.

Krisitin says, “Kiteboarding has completely changed my life. I am inspired to give back by bringing kiting to women worldwide through the KB4girls kiting clinics. The artistry and skill involved in kiteboarding resonates with females in particular, and every smile, every success story, every happy kiter, gives me new motivation to spread the power of kiting further.”